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Amber [userpic]

Pokemon/Non Pokemon Sales Post! OPEN as of 2-14-19

January 30th, 2019 (11:20 pm)
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Banner art by meuniere

I am located in the US, but will ship internationally. Include your zip code/country with what you want to buy and I'll give you your total.

I accept Paypal payments only.

I'm open to haggling, especially if you're buying multiple items, don't be afraid to ask!

I do however, also accept trades! Here's my current wishlist!

When you pay, please list what you bought and your LJ user name in the note section. That makes things easier to keep track of.

After receiving your item, let me know and feel free leave feedback for me HERE.

Your order will be shipped ASAP, I will let you know when it has been sent out, and if within the US I will provide tracking number

These items come from a smoke-free home, but we do have dogs that have access to most of the house.

I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for whatever reason.

Sales permission granted by denkimouse

Gengar Plushplush Hard Eyes MWT- $150
Gengar Plushplush Embroidered Eyes TTO- $100

Applause Gastly plush (plush only, no pokeball accessory)- $30 OBO
DX Rayquaza Pokedoll TTO- $45
Banpresto Rayquaza Hand Puppet TTO- $40

Custom Midnight Lycanroc Plush (Made by me)- $150
12in tall, eyes painted to glow in the dark, more photos here!

2008 Banpresto Lottery First Prize Origin Forme Pillow 16in MWT- $50 OBO

Custom Giant Shiny Giratina plush (Artist: Me)- $30
Early plush work of mine, definitely not up to par with my current work, about 15in tall

Pokedoll Print Pillow- $30

Plush lot- $150 OBO
This is a big lot and will be expensive to ship, even within the US!!
Custom 1:1 Scale Yamask plush with posable arms/fingers (Artist: Me)
Custom Cut Rotom plush (Artist: http://www.theradiantglyph.com/index.shtml )
Custom Embroidered Yamask pillow (Artist: unknown, I neglected to document this one on my old collection site :( )
Custom Flat Cofagrigus plush (Artist: local friend)
Custom Cofagrigus plush (Artist: Me)
Custom Morty HGSS plush (Artist: local friend)
Custom Morty GCS plush (Artist: https://www.deviantart.com/ichigo-pan43 )
2011 Halloween Pikachu (lantern) MWT
2007 Halloween Pikachu (golbat bag) Mint plush, tag creased badly
US Entei Pokedoll MWT
US Terrakion Pokedoll MWT
US Rowlet Pokecen plush TTO
US Raikou Pokedoll MWT
US Fletchling Pokecen plush MWT????
US Day Lycanroc Pokedoll MWT
US Inkay Pokecen plush MWT
JP Wash Rotom Pokedoll MWT
Banpresto Dark Type Arceus UFO Catcher plush (MWT but age has made the glue on bottom of hoop come undone, just needs a tiny dot of glue to fix)
Halloween Golbat UFO Catcher MWT
Halloween Sableye UFO Catcher MWT
Fletchinder MPC plush MWT
Jakks Gengar TTO
Jakks Giratina Origin Forme TTO
Jakks Duskull TTO
Banpresto Regigigas UFO Catcher plush MWT

Collection Weeding Lot- $50 OBO ON HOLD
Contains several popcorn buckets, JP Deoxys movie program/guide, 5 puzzles (all have all pieces), some tins, misc Giratina merchandise from my personal collection, large book is a Platinum version guide in japanese, figures
Feel free to ask if you'd like closer pictures of anything specific! This may be pricey to ship with all the buckets, but most of the merchandise fits inside them for protection during shipment.

Settei Lot- $20 OBO
Several but not all of these have duplicates with shading guides on them. Some have slightly wrinkled edges from storage. Contains Iris expressions + fullbody ref, Wobbuffet walk cycle and pose, Smoochum, Darkrai's head unfurl animation guide, Team Rocket's Blastoise bot, Officer Jenny, Scyther, Gliscor + crying Gliscor, Combee, Beautifly, Oddish, pencil sketch of anime girl, Palkia ref + poses, Ninjask, and Venomoth

Regis Lot- $20
Custom plush by me, pokemon kids, TOMY figures, chou get, Pokedoll promo zipper case

Zekrom Lot- $25 OBO
UFO Catcher plush, zukan, large Jakks figures, TOMY figures, phone charms, pre-built buildable model figures, pins from the BW tour event

Rayquaza Lot- $15 OBO
Zukan, TOMY figure, clear kid, 2 regular kids, possibly keshipoke?, Pokecen can badge


ESC Toy Bloodborne Djura Figure and Pin set- $25
Note: I bought the set for Eileen who I'm keeping, THIS SET ONLY COMES WITH DJURA. Please specify if you'd like me to ship it with the box or prefer I don't to save on shipping costs.

Disney Cheshire Cat plush- $5
Custom Gamzee plush (Artist: local friend)- Free with any order
Custom Toothless plush (Sewn by me)- Free with any order, designer of pattern requested that nobody sell any plush made with it

Convention Leftovers, all handsewn by me!
Undertale pillow plush- $20 each
Undertale Papyrus x2
Bad time Papyrus x2
Bad time Sans x1 ON HOLD
Underfell Papyrus x2
Underfell Sans x1
Underswap Papyrus x2
Underswap Sans x2
Gaster x2 (with eye light), x1 (blank eyes)

Yeti- $30

Steven Universe tiny floating whale/cloud whale- $25
Amethyst owl (one of a kind)- $25

Roly poly bird/lovebird- $10

Zippered pouches, rectangular owl print pillows- 2 for $5

Better photos of all these in my blog's sewing tag

Brand new Disneyland Fantasmic sweatshirt, size M, never worn- $35
Failed to process its return in time so I'm selling at a discount from the retail price of $45

Pink Owl Kigu- $40 OBO
Only worn once

Rabu-san Hatoful Boyfriend Kickstarter plush MIP with accompanying keychain- $10

Hitori (red scarf) Hatoful Boyfriend Kickstarter plush MIP with accompanying keychain- $10
Kazuaki (cream bandana) Hatoful Boyfriend Kickstarter plush MIP with accompanying keychain- $10
(one with the tie is already sold)

Bigfoot and Yeti Cryptkins figures- $5 each

Series 2 Cryptkins figures- $5 each
Pegasus x1
Green dragon x1
Blue dragon x2
Werewolf x2

Convention Loot Lot- $30
Contains a multitude of pin buttons and keychains from several fandoms including Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock among others. Trying to weed out some because I went a little too hardcore for a while there.

Digibirds Rosa with cage- $5 (Still works, plays this music AUTOPLAY WARNING) Can ship with or without cage if you prefer.
Custom Supernatural characters plush, Castiel, Gabriel, Sam, and Lucifer (Artist: Me)- $20 for all four
Custom Dalek plush- $20
Purple/Black Antler hair clips, never worn- $5

I am willing to do trades to cover complete or partial value of your order! Some things I'm specifically looking for are:
Volcarona MPC plush
Midnight Lycanroc Pokedoll
Wailord petit PASTEL plush mascot
US Wailord petit plush keychain
Pokecen Giant Wailord plush
Pumpkin Pikachu Plush
Fit plush/Sitting cuties Gastly
Fit plush/Sitting cuties Haunter
Fit plush/Sitting cuties Articuno
Tomy Duskull plush (eye off to the side)
Yveltal Pokedoll
US Pokecen Pokemon Gallery Figure Joltik

Or things from my Amazon list, some of which are also in the above list for convenience


Posted by: Amber (ambertdd)
Posted at: June 17th, 2019 04:58 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush
Pokemon- Glasses Gira

Hello! I can ship to France! Shipping would unfortunately be $24 on top of the $20 for the plush so your total would be $44.

My paypal is k-hardin(at)comcast.net if that sounds alright to you. I am about to take a trip out of state for the week so I will not be able to make it out to the post office until June 24th though, just so you are aware!

Posted by: aniky67 (aniky67)
Posted at: June 17th, 2019 11:35 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush

Ok. I buy them ^^
Do you want me to wait until your return to pay ?
Do you know someone who have Azami plush ?

Posted by: Amber (ambertdd)
Posted at: June 18th, 2019 11:28 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush
Pokemon- Glasses Gira

If you would feel better about waiting until I return, I am fine with that! :)

Unfortunately no, I don't know anyone who has the Azami plush for sale!

Posted by: aniky67 (aniky67)
Posted at: June 19th, 2019 05:24 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush

Yes I would like to. I've been scam because I paid once something that the seller has sold to somebody even If I was the first to buy it. So I want to pay as soon as you return ^^.
Enjoy your hollidays if it's that.
See you the 25th

Posted by: Amber (ambertdd)
Posted at: June 19th, 2019 02:41 pm (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush
Pokemon- Glasses Gira

Totally fine! I'll drop you a reminder when I get back Friday night, although I likely won't be able to make it to the post office until Monday since I have work the next two days.

Posted by: Amber (ambertdd)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2019 03:01 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush
Pokemon- Glasses Gira

Hello! I've returned home and I will be able to make a post office run on Monday, if you are still interested in the plush, it will be $44 to k-hardin(at)comcast.net

Thank you! :>

Posted by: aniky67 (aniky67)
Posted at: June 24th, 2019 10:02 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush

I just paid. Can you read the comment I wrote on paypal for the ship ?

Posted by: Amber (ambertdd)
Posted at: June 24th, 2019 05:35 pm (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush
Pokemon- Glasses Gira

Yes! I see the comment and your request! I'll have a tracking number for you today!

Posted by: aniky67 (aniky67)
Posted at: June 24th, 2019 10:07 am (UTC)
Re: I would like to buy the hatoful plush

I'm sorry I don't know how to use livejournal to send you a private message so I send it on the comment of paypal. if you have a question just tell me :D

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