Amber (ambertdd) wrote,

Settei Sales/Offers

Paypal only!

Located in USA but I ship internationally.

All pkmncollectors rules apply, including the anti-sniping rules.

Do not bid if you can't pay quickly. I'm going on a trip in a couple weeks and will not be able to chase people down for money until I get back in July.

Reply to the previous high offer.

Offers end Sunday June 12th at 8pm PST


Dento Lot Starts @ $20
Includes 7 sheets. Turnabout shaded + unshaded. Expressions shaded + unshaded. Backpack shaded + unshaded. Pansage attack reference.

Iris Lot Starts @ $15
5 sheets. Pose, expression, shaded + unshaded. Plus turnaround with Kibago and ash.

Kibago Lot Starts @ $10
2 sheets. One shaded, one unshaded.

B&W Ash/Pikachu Lot Starts @ $10
Includes at least 12 sheets. Poses, expressions, shaded + unshaded.

B&W Team Rocket Lot Starts @ $15
Includes at least 9 sheets. Poses, expressions, shaded + unshaded. No Meowth, just Jessie and James.

B&W Random People Lot Starts @ Whatever you want to offer.
9 sheets. 4 are that shady guy, shaded + unshaded. Other 5 are random people.

How do I pokeball Lot Starts @ Whatever you want to offer
6 sheets. Animation reference on how Pokeballs work. Oooooh~

Excadrill Lot Starts @ $5
4 sheets. Pose and expression, shaded + unshaded.

Lenora Lot Starts at $5
3 sheets. Lenora pose plus Watchog shaded and unshaded.

Oshawott Lot Starts @ $10
3 sheets. Shaded + unshaded pose plus water attack reference.

Movie 13 Settei
Zoroark/Box Starts at $5
2 sheets.
Beasts/Ball thing Starts at $5
1 sheet

Movie 13 setting lot Starts at $15
At least 12 sheets. Very pretty art.

Movie 13 bad guy lot Starts @ Whatever you want to offer
5 sheets.


Palkia Lot $10

Ninjask- $5
Beautifly- $5
Combee (2 sheets, male + female)- $5
Sandshrew/Sandslash (3 sheets, shrew + shaded/unshaded slash)- $5 ON HOLD

Venomoth- $5
Oddish- $5
Stantler (2 sheets, pose + random deer running animation guide)- $5 ON HOLD
Croagunk (2 sheets, pose + sitting image)- $2

Pikachu (2 sheets, with Ash, face)- $1 ON HOLD
Swinub with fluff- $5
Scyther (2 sheets, pose + color sheet)- $5

Mystery Dungeon special Size Charts
Onix chart- $5
Dialga/Gyarados/etc chart- $5
Wigglytuff/etc chart- $5
Glalie/etc chart- $5
Grovyle/etc chart- $5
Lapras chart- $5

Dusknoir/Mew/Gabite/etc chart- $5
Legendary chart- $5

Smoochum- $5
Wobbuffet- $2
Nidoran F- $2 ON HOLD
Nidoran M- $2 ON HOLD
Cubone/Marowak (2 sheets)- $5

Walking animation guides
Pikachu- $1 ON HOLD
Wobbuffet (3 sheets, 3 diff angles)- $2

Hahaha wtf is this thing. BlastoiseTRNinjabot? $5

Dawn Contest Settei Lot- $9
At least 10 sheets. Has Dawn, contest rival*, Zoey, 2 building references.
*One of the rival settei has a small tear on the bottom visible in the photo. Arrived like that unfortunately. :(

Random size chart- $5
Movie 13 Officer Jenny- $5
Mime Jr- $1
Darkai (2 sheets)- $5
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