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Amber [userpic]

July 9th, 2012 (10:03 pm)

We FINALLY saw our neighborhood's favorite chicken menace today! :D All the reported sightings and we'd never been lucky enough to see him for ourselves.

If anyone remembers my post last year about the baby bears + their mum in a tree, this is one of those babies. His family got relocated but he was old enough to survive on his own and he's stuck close to the area because our neighbors two houses down have chickens.

Today we were out putting stuff back in the shed when we heard air horns going off. That is their bear repellent of choice combined with an electrified chicken coop. Unfortunately he apparently got through the coop and got a chicken, although the others were okay (and startled enough that we could hear them ahahaha). We watched for a while hoping to see him, because we had never been able to see him before, no such luck, and we returned to work, warning my brother to close the gate just in case he did happen to come by. Mum was about to climb up to the loft in the shed when I glanced over and in the crack in the fence and saw a big black mass meandering across the driveway of the house next to us. :D

We all dropped everything and ran inside to look out the front window and watch him heeee <3

He wasn't in a huge hurry

Wandered across the driveway then started to come up our lawn, heading towards the gate we had just closed dkfjhdfg

Such a cutie <3
He was maybe 10-15 feet away? He's only a year or two old, still relatively small.
He didn't mind us watching him and didn't get concerned until after Skye finally realized the big black mass she was watching was alive and started barking haha

Then he promptly turned and left the yard, still not in a huge hurry

We chatted with our new neighbors, apparently they have air horns too now because they don't want the bear in their front yard ahaha

We also saw an eagle fly by earlier doing the patented eagle screech *u* <3

Oh we finished clearing out + cleaning out + organizing the shed too but who cares because omg bear :D


Posted by: Shell (dewott)
Posted at: July 10th, 2012 05:27 pm (UTC)

Ahh neat! We technically have bears around here but we only really see them up by Sudbury when we see Brad's relatives :D So cool!

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