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Amber [userpic]

June 7th, 2012 (07:07 am)

Ford Focus 1999 - 2003
Problem: Water ingress into the passenger footwell.
Solution: The Focus can commonly suffer from water ingress into the passenger footwell. The cause is most likely insufficient sealing between the cowl panel grille and the windscreen around the pollen filter. On vehicle built upto 04/1999, a revised cowl panel grille should be installed with additional sealing strips. Cars manufactured after 04/1999 have the revised cowl panel grille but will require the extra sealing strip to be installed.

Ford Focus 1998 - 2002
Problem: Metallic knocking noises from rear suspension.
Solution: There are two common known problems with the rear suspension. One problem is the rear spring colliding with the rear lower arm during rebound. This is caused by a lack of support in the rear lower arm and the upper spring seat. The solution is to fit a spring isolator sleeve to prevent the metal to metal knocking. Another common problem is knocking of the top coils of the springs. A revised rear lower arm spring seat has been fitted since 02/2002.
Ford Focus
Problem: Knocking noise when braking, cornering or going over bumps form the pedal box area.
Solution: A common problem is the movement of internal parts in the pedal box. The solution is to fit reinforcement bars and/or a new pedal box.
Ford Focus
Problem: Knocking noise when braking on a rough surface.
Solution: A Bolt on the lower suspension arm may not be tightened to the correct torque. Torque must be increased to 100 Nm + 60º.

Hopefully this is more accurate than trying to diagnose illnesses online XD
Could be any one of those three but the water thing is specific to my car's year and is something I have noticed.
Especially when I hit a 15 foot long puddle and then proceeded to have to use a sponge to soak up the ridiculous amounts of water that went into the passenger seat footwell.

Ford Focus 1998 - 2000
Problem: Rear brake squeal.
Solution: This may be caused by vibrations between the brake lining material and the brake drum. These vibrations may then be increased by insufficient lubrication between the brake shoes and backing plate contact points. Install new brake shoes with a new lining material which has a lower friction level and grease the contact points between the brake shoes and backing plate to rectify the problem.

I have been having squealing rear brakes from the moment I started driving it even though my brakes were in good shape still. It is a 2002 Focus but maybe this is why?

This is more for my own reference to remember to mention to the mechanic. :v